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25 year old qualified primary school teacher in Bristol. Living with my partner, our two cats (Bella and Jinx) and Gordon the Gecko. Terrible at keeping a blog up-to-date!

AS exam sketchbook

My AS exam sketchbook was base on life, and with life you get death, so I decided I would work of a piece where these are combined. This was quite a strange piece, and worried my teacher a little, and I’m still not sure why I even decided I would do it… But below are the photo’s from my sketchbook and final piece. For some reason I also enjoy drawing eyes, so there’s a lot of them in my sketchbook – window to the soul and life. I also used a friends face, to try and draw him as a skeleton, as part of my work to work out proportions.
Gemma x

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AS Course work

For my AS level course work, for my art, I chose the topic of growing up. I expanded on one of my GCSE sketchbooks, as you can probably see. It was one of my favourite sketchbooks, and one of my lighter topics. My work went on to darker topics later on. Let me know what you think.
Gemma x

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World of curves

At school we had a competition, which all of us art students entered. You had to take a photography, and the theme was the world of curves.  The photo’s below were my photo’s I took for the theme. I ended up entering the photo of the wooden banisters, but I have no idea who won in the end (I don’t remember, so it obviously wasn’t me or one of my friends). My favourite is actually the photo of the phone cord curled up. But these photo’s I took when I had just begun to learn how to take proper photographs, so I was quite proud of them.
Gemma x

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Llanthony Priory

I went with my mum and brother the same year, to Llanthony Priory, as a day out. It was really picturesque, and so I took a lot of photo’s to use for my art. I later used these for a section on structure in one of my AS level sketchbooks. Feel free to comment.
Gemma x

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Paris 2011

I went to Gwernyfed 6th form, and took Math, Physics and Art for my A-levels. As part of my art course, we were given the opportunity to go to Paris for five days. It was the best trip I’ve ever been on. We went as a group of around 15 art and business students, we spent our five days going around to see the main tourist attractions and galleries. It was brilliant, and we took hundreds of photo’s. I selected some of my favourites to post below. The trip was then used to inspire our art work, and you may see some links in my later work. If you are ever given to opportunity to go on a school trip like this, I would highly recommend it. My brother went on one to Brussels and enjoyed it immensely. I would love to go back at some point, […]

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My wall

Between GCSE art and A-level (6th form) I started doing more anime/ manga/ cartoon drawings. They were to help me picture the scene’s in one of my old stories (which I still haven’t finished!). I put them on my wall, and slowly they built up to cover it. They’re still there now, 4 years later. The following photo’s show a selection of them, and the vast extend of coverage.

Gemma x

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GCSE people and faces sketchbook

This is my third GCSE sketchbook, from year 11 at high school; and this time we were allowed to choose our topic. I chose people and faces, because I was, and still am, very interested in drawing them. This was one of my lightest and ‘normal’ art I did in school, as you’ll see once you see the abuse work I did in 6th form. Again, the photo’s are in order of sketchbook, and then final pieces produced from that. I enjoyed this topic the most out of all of the ones I did at school. Hope you enjoy them, and feel free to comment.

Gemma x


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GCSE distortion and metamorphosis

My second GCSE sketchbook was on distortion and metamorphosis. This was a struggle for me, as I had to choose a topic from a list of ones I had no interest in. That is why there are much less work.

Gemma x

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GCSE fashion sketchbook

The following photo’s are from my GCSE sketchbook, with a fashion theme. We had to choose a theme from a list of four themes (which I cannot remember, due to it being 6 years ago) and originally I had chosen circus; but after experimenting I decided I prefer body forms, so went with fashion instead. This was my first GCSE sketchbook, which I did in year 10, and is my first attempt drawing anything realistic and planned out. Hope you like them, feel free to comment.

Gemma x


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Present from home

So, it turns out, while I was at home, I managed to catch some sort of bug. I’ve spent the last two days feeling very sorry for myself, but thought that this may be a good time to go through my photo’s from my trip home. This is the first few photo’s of my art – these are from year 9 or 10 in high school, so I was maybe 14 or 15 years old. This is when I started to develop my skills in art, before I ended up taking art for my GCSE’s. This is when I first became interested in art.
Gemma x

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