Starting over

Okay, I’ve had this blog since roughly 2006 and never really been very good at the whole regular blogging thing… So, I’ve pretty much wiped it clean to start again, in an attempt at making it something I keep up with this time! A lot is going to be changed, including the main theme of the blog – it’s now going to focus on my interests and hobbies, rather than being random dribble about my life :) However, so you know a little about me, this is my intro. As you can guess, my name is Gemma Garrett; But I am not the politician/ Miss UK. I am nearly 21, and am currently in my second year at university. I’m studying Early Childhood, to become a qualified Early Years Professional. In my spare time, my hobbies involve looking after my horde of gerbils/hamsters, writing (stories and poems) […]

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A Snow Coloured Body With a Pillow of Blood

This is poem number two,

A Snow Coloured Body With a Pillow of Blood.

I’m stood here,
Your blood running down your neck,
Onto the frosted floor,
Soaking deep in,
Red puddles surrounding your,
Still, Lifeless,
As a pillow.

Your coat,
Once so white,
Like winter snow itself,
Now stained,
A glistening,
Dark crimson,
In this dull autumn light.

Shreds of red dyed wool,
Hanging from your wound,
Your attacker hangs back,
In the covering forest,
Watching me closely,
I can’t calm you,
Or help you,
To ease your pain,
Or I’d lie,
Like you do now,
At my freezing feet,
Dying prey.

I can’t stay any longer,
I can’t wait and watch,
I have to go,
Back across your barren land,
To my home,
Where you wouldn’t have been,

I whisper,
My apologies,
My goodbyes.
But then I chance my luck,
I look to the shadows,
Of the haunting forest,
In the clearing,
I can’t see he’s watching,
And getting impatient.

I crouch,
Reach down,
Stroke your cooling body,
And lay my death gift,
To you,
On your soaked, heaving chest,
Whisper one last word,
And flee.

Okay this one’s a bit weird,I know. And a bit […]

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For ever and Always.

My first poem,

For ever and Always.

Sat by my window,
Watching complete strangers,
Just walking past,
It’s as if they have no worries,
Completely at easy with their lives.
I envy them,
Trying to picture myself,
In their worry-less lives,
By watching their body language,
And listening,
To their idle chat,
That just seems to gush out of their mouths,

I count the glistening drops,
That crawl down my painted cheeks,
As I’m thinking of you.
I don’t wish things were perfect,
Or that we were together,
I just wish I could say,
Everything I want to say,
But all I can do,
Is talk in silence.

You blame yourself,
But I blame me.
There’s a huge war,
Going on inside of me,
Just below the surface,
Bursting to get out,
It must not.
I have to keep up my guard,
On my tip toes,
Or people will get hurt,
People I care about,
Innocent people,
As I fight with myself.

There are four razor sharp words,
That I long to say,
But I don’t feel I can.
Anything I say,
Just seems to trip,
Making things […]

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Ive written my other poem out for you , see what you think :-

Longing through that awful feeling you get from your heart!

I long for this sadness and pain to go,
For you to say you feel the way I feel for you,
But no, I wait each day like the last,
In sorrow as I sit watching the wind blow and tatter the trees,
Wishing I was with you,
Just to hear your voice,
Just to see that flaunt-less smile I so long to see,
Your glistening, stunning, sky like eyes.

My feelings for you are ever growing,
So close to you yet unable to touch,
Five minutes seems like five hours if I’m away from you,
I’ve heard rumors that you like me too,
That you feel the way I do,
But I cant believe it, it cant be true,
Friends that can see I like you,
Keep telling me to ask you the thing I so long to,
But the […]

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