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My wall

Between GCSE art and A-level (6th form) I started doing more anime/ manga/ cartoon drawings. They were to help me picture the scene’s in one of my old stories (which I still haven’t finished!). I put them on my wall, and slowly they built up to cover it. They’re still there now, 4 years later. The following photo’s show a selection of them, and the vast extend of coverage.

Gemma x

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Starting over

Okay, I’ve had this blog since roughly 2006 and never really been very good at the whole regular blogging thing… So, I’ve pretty much wiped it clean to start again, in an attempt at making it something I keep up with this time! A lot is going to be changed, including the main theme of the blog – it’s now going to focus on my interests and hobbies, rather than being random dribble about my life :) However, so you know a little about me, this is my intro. As you can guess, my name is Gemma Garrett; But I am not the politician/ Miss UK. I am nearly 21, and am currently in my second year at university. I’m studying Early Childhood, to become a qualified Early Years Professional. In my spare time, my hobbies involve looking after my horde of gerbils/hamsters, writing (stories and poems) […]

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