Ive written my other poem out for you , see what you think :-

Longing through that awful feeling you get from your heart!

I long for this sadness and pain to go,
For you to say you feel the way I feel for you,
But no, I wait each day like the last,
In sorrow as I sit watching the wind blow and tatter the trees,
Wishing I was with you,
Just to hear your voice,
Just to see that flaunt-less smile I so long to see,
Your glistening, stunning, sky like eyes.

My feelings for you are ever growing,
So close to you yet unable to touch,
Five minutes seems like five hours if I’m away from you,
I’ve heard rumors that you like me too,
That you feel the way I do,
But I cant believe it, it cant be true,
Friends that can see I like you,
Keep telling me to ask you the thing I so long to,
But the pain of if you said ‘no’,
That dreaded, blade sharp word,
Keeps me from asking,
Because the pain would be a million times worse,
Than the pain I’m feeling now,
Yet it still stays to taunt and torture,
That opportunity I know I shouldn’t take but so long to.

There’s no way I can escape this menacing feelings’ grasp,
It’s got my now, it’s too late, I’m in too deep, way over my head,
Feeling as though I’m drowning,
Too far from the surface with not enough power to swim.

Longing to run, to hide but cant,
I’m stuck on a blank canvas,
Nowhere to go with nothing to do but suffer,
One day maybe ill have the power to escape,
But not now,
Not even if I wanted to.

My heart tells me I should stay,
Just for now, just one more day,
It told me this yesterday,
It tricked me,
I don’t think I should trust my heart anymore,
It seems to get me hurt a lot,
But then who can I trust and believe if I cant my own heart?

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Gemma Garrett x