A group of my friends, and I are really into Manga, or Anime. I really like it, and a friend of mine who’s a good artist can draw really good Manga style pictures. I’ve also started to try out a few ideas and started to draw, well attempt to draw, a few Manga pictures. Some I’ve found on the internet and some I’ve changed slightly, or some even that I’ve seen in animation and drawn from that. I don’t think there very good I only like one of them, but two of my friends that I’ve shown them to like them. I’m not so sure.

My Mangamanga1


I got stuck on the one and haven’t finished it (it was a face), so the she only has one eye and no mouth what so ever,OPPS! I should show you a few pictures, but I don’t know whether they’ll show up as I haven’t learnt how to put them on yet… hope this works… It worked!!!! YAY! I think it did anyway, well I hope so, I can see them but that’s not much good for you if you can’t now is it?

Hope you enjoy the pics (if you can see them…)
Tell me what you think

Gemma Garrett :)